Top stars who played in Las Vegas

The casino gambling that Las Vegas is renowned for around the world, and that is celebrated frequently in popular culture such as films or pop songs, attracts visitors, including those who regularly plays online casino such as to the city every year. However it is not just casinos that people visit Vegas for and this is recognised by top music artists, who often choose to play in Vegas in the knowledge that it carries both prestige and the promise of large crowds.

Frank Sinatra is perhaps the single musician most closely associated with Las Vegas – both as a solo performer and at the head of the legendary Rat Pack. During the 1960s he ruled the roost at the Copa Room within the Sands Hotel and Casino, performing his brand of easy listening and swing music. The mix of songs, comic skits and banter that the Rat Pack pioneered was like nothing else available in the entertainment world at that time and helped really establish Vegas as a music centre. One of the longest-running favourites with music audiences in Vegas was the flamboyant pianist Liberace, who started performing there in the 1950s and continued on through to the 1980s – with little diminution in his popularity levels. Although this extraordinary showman had been classically trained, his own music was a kitsch mixture of classical and pop – while his shows saw him fly over the stage with wires attached to his body and perform at a piano covered in mirrors and rhinestones. If anyone established the Las Vegas reputation for gaudiness and glitz it was this man, and arguably no one has taken it further since, with the Riviera being his chosen venue for much of his career in the city.

Las Vegas has remained a magnet for musical artists into the present day as well, with many still choosing to revitalise their careers there once the first flush of chart stardom has passed. In 2011 Britney Spears, one of the biggest chart stars of the late 1990s and early 2000s arrived at the Matrix venue within the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to launch her Piece of Me show. This saw her performing many of her biggest hits. It has run every year since then, racking up attendances of more than 700,000 and grossing over $103 million, making it one of the most popular residencies the city has ever known.

It seems certain that Las Vegas will continue to draw the big stars of the music world for many years to come, with Jennifer Lopez among the names pencilled in for performances there during 2017.