Total Babes share ‘Heydays’ From Forthcoming Album

Total Babes
Photo by TJ Duke

It’s Easter weekend and the sun is streaming through the windows while ‘Heydays’, the new song from Ohio’s Total Babes, springs out of my speakers. Well, ok, saying the sun is streaming in is seriously challenging the boundaries of truth when you’re in Glasgow. It’s the effect of this song, it’ll make you think summer is upon us already. Long happy days and warm vibes all round.

‘Heydays’ is the title track from the forthcoming album by Total Babes which will be lovingly released on Wichita Recordings on 18th May. It’s the second song to be shared from the record after ‘Circling’ which is an altogether punchier, punkier affair than the rough guitar pop of ‘Heydays’ Both tracks are equally spot on.

So what to do on this fine summers day? Think it’s time to dig out the hat, scarf and gloves to go with the shorts and t-shirt and find a Glasgow beer garden. Listen to these songs on repeat and think warm thoughts. Enjoy.

Total Babes will release their second album Heydays on Wichita Recordings on 18th May (19th May in North America) and you should click right here to pre-order it

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