Play It Again, Sam: Darkly – Touch

Darkly - Touch

Something darkly this way comes

Coming across like a RnB trip hop James Blake, Hertfordshire based musician and producer Darkly has burst into the public consciousness over the last two weeks since he uploaded his debut single “Touch” onto Soundcloud on the 4th June. Since then the song has amassed over 30,000 plays (around 2000 plays a day), he’s been The Big Neu Thing on DIY and, according to my sources, he has taken a caning from his hockey mates for his sudden success.

The song is a fine balancing act between the artistic and the commercial. At first it threatens to be a subdued and tense tune with a rumbling bass-line complimented perfectly by subtle guitar work and a jittery drum beat. But then all the music drops away and the guitar is left solitary and alone. Silence encroaches and suddenly the song bursts into a desperate but celebratory chorus that is as welcome as it is surprising.

There is no word yet from Darkly about a debut EP, album or a tour, but surely it is an inevitability.

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