Track Premiere: Post Punk Podge & The Technohippies – ‘Kick Against The Pricks’

post punk podge
Photograph by Ronan Falvey.

‘Kick Against The Pricks’ is out now.

Without any shadow of a doubt, Limerick’s Post Punk Podge is one of the most strange and delightful musicians in operation in Ireland at the minute. He’s like an unhinged rant unleashed over raw and propulsive, you guessed it, post punk. That’s why we are beyond honoured and priveleged to be premiering his latest track ‘Kick Against The Pricks’, recorded by Chris Quigley of Cruiser and Irish hip-hop pioneer Naive Ted. A politically and socially charged song of dissent, it rails and protests against the trappings and conventions of modern life. Ultimately, it’s a song of empowerment and getting shit down, “No one can take them away unleash your talent don’t waste a day. Unleash your talent don’t waste a day.”

He’ll be playing in Cork as part of an exciting line up we’re putting together with Cosmonaut Music and Merakindie in the not too distant future. Announcement this week. Peel your ears.

We managed to get on to Post Punk Podge via carrier pigeon and had a chat that is completely unrelated to the new track. More or less.

Overblown: Am I speaking to Post Punk Podge or Dr Asparagus Montague?

Post Punk Podge: Post Punk Podge anseo. Asparagus had a heavy night on the Whacker’s punch so he is clapped out asleep. He was putting on a rave for a load of nuns in knock last night in an attempt to convert them to the Techno gospel. Sounded like it went well he 6 numbers and the shift. If Jeff Mills and Miley Cyrus had a love child they would not even have a tenth of the musical talent of Asparagus and his dog ‘Gill’ is a Gap model.

Overblown: What is ‘whacker’s punch’??

Post Punk Podge: Whacker’s punch is a serum made by mixing Poitín with Fairy washing up liquid. Asparagus was forced to insert into my eyes by the government in a ‘A Clockwork Orange’ like treatment known as ‘Lewd Transformagowl’. Then Asparagus would show me Punk Britannia episode three on post punk and episodes of Postman Pat on repeat whilst the album Closer by Joy Division plays on repeat. I then became ill from the serum. This was an attempt to force me to not enjoy post or punk ever again. They hoped to make a reformed character of me and return me to the classical music community on a jobs bridge scheme where I would place Rosin on Violin bows for the RTE concert orchestra. They failed as I spiked Asparagus’s tea with it and made him denounce his Psychiatric profession and join me in my band the Technohippies.

Overblown: How did you enjoy your time in Limerick Junction? I can only say I’ve loved all my visits there.

Post Punk Podge: It was hell the government had me licking and stamping brown envelopes for 12 hours a day in an ould coal shed. I love post but to see these envelopes used in such a corrupt manner sickened my very core. Limerick Junction is like a cross between purgatory and a bargain bin you dunno what you are gonna get. Joe Dolce sells train tickets there he told me to “Shaddapa youra envelope faceah”.

Overblown: What’s the story with the no holds barred wrestling match?

Post Punk Podge: I broke out from the shed last Thursday night in the boot of Asparagus’s beamer. The Gardai were off getting dinner boxes so we made a run for it. When the Gardai took me into custody they confiscated the master tapes of our forthcoming EP ‘Kick Against the Pricks’. Asparagus contacted the government and organised a Gregorian wrestling match against James Reilly offered some ‘shoosh money’ and an ultimatum that if I lost the match I would start a jobs bridge rosining Violin bows for the RTE concert orchestra and go back on my treatment. If I won, however, we would be reimbursed with the master tapes of the ep oh and obviously throw em some shoosh money. So on Sunday morning just gone I went 25 rounds Gregorian wrestling Reilly he kneed me into the balls in the 25th round and luckily Marty Morrissey was refereeing it fairly as I won on a disqualification decision. Leo Varadker wielded an axe at my head as we ran away through the sewers. A stressful day for the Technohippies Parish.

Overblown: Any chance we can listen to something from the EP?

Post Punk Podge: Yeah I am syphoning some WIFIPIDDLE from a burning bush. Two seconds there and I’ll spaz it on.

Overblown: Are you confident you will survive to launch this EP?

Post Punk Podge: As confident as Shergar or Michelle Smyth was when they won those glorious medals for Ireland. Only to find out they were worth feck all down in cash for gold. I pray to Bowie and Lou every hour of every day to give me strength. Stamp out negativity every day and goodness will find you.

Overblown: Is Post Punk Podge the second coming?

Post Punk Podge: I have problems pissing and clicking my fingers so no I am not the second coming. But I am here to turn the symbolism of the brown envelope from a symbol of greed, corruption and deception into one of Defiance, Self-expression and laughter. If I am not nailed to a cross by January then I will be happy. Praise Bowie. PPP.

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