Track By Track: arms&legs – ‘The Not too Distant Future’ EP

arms&legs Not too Distant Future EP

The Not too Distant Future  EP Is Out Now.

You know I can never figure out what draws the vast, vast majority of people to blustery, melodramatic, exaggerated music. I mean, I enjoy a bit of it too at times but, ultimately, lo-fi intimate music can be far more effective at communicating the vulnerability, and intimacy, of human fragility in a way that ‘big’ music just completely fails to get across.

Take Pineville, Louisiana native arms&legs (aka Dare Hopkins) for example. His low key under produced folk is somewhat ramshackle, supremely intimate, and unadorned by excessive baubles. As such, it paints a portrait of the man at his most reflective, his most vulnerable, and his most open.

The opening track on his new EP The Not too Distant Future showcases this ideally. ‘Bill Murray (before he was famous)’ is a song built around a simple acoustic guitar and the repeated line, “I’ve come into my own”. The repitition comes across as both a celebration of an epiphany and also an attempt by Hopkins to convince himself that he has become his own man. It’s the universal battle between knowing who you are and not having a semblance of a clue. And it’s beautiful and, what’s more, it’s authentic.

Hopkins was good enough to take a little time to walk us through his new EP track by track which is nearly as enlightening as listening to the EP itself.


The Not too Distant Future  EP

This is the second body of work that I wrote and composed all on my own. Usually I try to work with different musicians/friends on each new release to give everything a different sound, but this was a fun little project anyway. To me these tracks feel like growth mixed with apprehension & majorly not being afraid to be hopeful even though all great things also bring misfortune. I tend to indulge heavily into emotions/thoughts & find a way to call it artistic.

‘Bill Murray (before he was famous)’

Ever notice everything doesn’t come quite as easily as you were told that they would? Well… The lyrics for track one are pretty straight forward, I feel like. I didn’t have titles for any of the songs so my good friend, Giles, suggested that I give “Bill Murray (before he was famous)” some serious thought. I’m a huge fan of throwing snippets of everyday life into my music: that’s as much context I can give to the outro at this time.

‘Be gOod or Be Good at It’

Buckley and I have known each other since 9th grade. He recently told me that his family has a longstanding saying “you either be good or you be good at it”. That’s the type of ambiguity I needed. I remember the day I got hit in the head with a golf club leaving this relatively unnoticeable scar on my forehead. Kinda funny how one moment in life can stick with you until the end.

‘untitled 5’

Track three was actually the last song to be written for the EP. As I was finishing up the instrumental one night my wife had a couple friends over. They ended up being the voice of the track at the risk of me being the weird dude setting up a live mic in the living room. I almost didn’t use it, but I’m glad that I did.

‘untitled 4’

‘untitled 4’ was originally released as a demo version (single) earlier this year. During the time I was happy to be working on these new tracks & couldn’t help but share one before the EP was finished. This song ended up giving the entire EP it’s name. In my opinion this song sums up everything you need to know about arms&legs or me as a person. Still my favy.


As I’m playing guitar (writing for this EP) I’ve got Harper, age 2 and a half, running around causing a rowdy raucous. I’ve got Anderson, age 1, yelling as loudly as he can just for fun and in that moment it seemed only fair to give them their own song to do whatever they wanted with. My kids are so full of life and I know all my emo friends could use a pick me up.

This is a bonus track, you have to download the EP to get it.
Me: “Mom, whats a cool song title?”
Mom: “Infinity.”

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