Track By Track: Odina – ‘Broken’ EP

odina broken ep track by track

Broken  EP Is Out Now.

It’s rare to come across a voice that actually, genuinely makes you stop what you are doing immediately and listen unconditionally. I think the last one I heard was that of Anna B Savage. However, I recently came across the minimalistic and evocative work of London by way of Barcelona singer songwriter Odina and, in particular, her song ‘You Loved Me, You Killed Me’. I was struck by the simple and straightforward structure of the song, the sentiment of how love can be the most wonderful thing but will ultimately destroy you (that’s a depressing thought but absolutely factual), and, most of all, by Odina’s vulnerable, subtle vocals which are truly remarkable and breathtaking.

Her debut EP Broken is out now and she was gracious enough to take us through the tracks that appear, explaining their inspiration and significance. Read her thoughts below, and listen to a couple of the tracks from the EP. You can hear the entire EP via Spotify.

1. ‘Father’

This song is about being deceived by life in general. It’s about comparing your expectations and the reality of things and realizing how far from each other they are. It’s also kind of a religious call to God ‘I called you Father, but you didn’t bother’. I don’t consider myself a religious person, but I guess this song is that religious part of me trying to find answers that don’t seem to exist.

2. ‘You Love Me, You Killed Me’

I wrote this song after being in a very toxic relationship for a while. We broke up and for months, even years, I was still obsessed with that person. I then realized of how bad the situation was… This song is kind of the realization that, the same person you would have done anything for, was the one that was hurting you the most. Writing it helped me move on from that person I guess.

3. ‘Broken’

This song is about depression; I had never been brave enough to write about it. It’s about only seeing the negative side of things, having all these voices in your head that tell you you’re not good enough, you’re not worth anything, you’re damaged goods… Making you feel like you’re ‘Broken’. I recorded many of the parts of this song in my bedroom (everything except for vocals and drums). It seems like there’s some sort of synth, but it’s actually all guitars, just putting weird effects on them (I don’t really understand what I did to make them sound that way yet).

4. ‘Friend’

‘Friend’ is about realizing someone you thought was your friend, actually wasn’t. Because they did something a friend would never do, or for a million other reasons. It has a melancholic tone, but also a positive side. Like if realizing they’re not your friends suddenly freed you from having to deal with them, from having to care about someone who doesn’t care about you.

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