Track by Track: Otherkin – ‘The New Vice’ EP

otherkin the new vice

The New Vice  Is Out Soon.

So Dublin alternative rock quartet Otherkin have a new EP coming out. It follows their The 201 EP which came out last October and tis called The New Vice and it’ll probably get you hooked (lol) on the group. Luke Reilly, vocalist and guitarist with the quartet, took some time recently to take us through the EP, track by track. What do R.E.M., Cavan, and hand-claps have in common? We’ll let Luke fill you in.

Live dates:

19th May – The Great Escape, Brighton
3-5th July – Rock For People, Czech Republic
15th July – Longitude Festival, Ireland
28-30th July – Leefest, Kent

‘I Was Born’

The seeds of this song came about from an old Ableton demo I made a good while back. I had been listening to Murmur by REM on repeat and I was particularly obsessed with a lot of the guitar sounds on the album, so I think I was trying to emulate Peter Buck with the intro riff to this one! I played the riff in band practice one day and the guys latched onto it and we built it up from there. The opening lyric ‘I was born and I will die’ featured in the original demo and is there to this day, we all felt it was a strong statement to open up the EP.

‘Yeah, I Know’

Before Christmas, the four of us debunked to Cavan for a week in order to write new material. We shacked up in a tiny cottage in the middle of nowhere and set up all our gear in the living room. Cabin fever set in pretty quickly and I think that’s reflected in the sonics of this song; it’s menacing, intimidating and a little bit sexy too. Definitely one of our favourite tracks to play live.


‘Howling’ was the first song we wrote after moving into our new rehearsal room and it’s the first song on the EP that sounds like it could have slotted in neatly onto The 201, our previous EP. It’s a scrappy, garage rocker with handclaps thrown in for good measure. We’ve always tried to inject a spirit of fun into our songwriting and the two closing songs of the EP definitely inhabit that space.

‘White Heat’

The bones of ‘White Heat’ came to me while I was in work. I was the sole attendant on the self-scan machines so I was able to kick this around in my head for a good three hours without anyone disturbing me. I seem to remember that I had band practice as soon as I finished for the day so the first time I got to play the song to the guys was the first time that I actually got to play the song to myself too! The song came together really quickly but it took a few lyrical rewrites before we were happy to record it.

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