Trying Science – ‘Vacation for Snakes’ EP | Track by Track

trying science

Vacation for Snakes is out now.

I have to say, over here at Overblown we’re a sucker for a band that mixes math rock and post rock tendencies. This route, one taken by And So I Watch You From Afar and maybeshewill, is the chosen path of Texan quartet Trying Science. Boasting intricate instrumental interplay and emotional, cathartic crescendos, the group explore a sound that is equal parts fun, adventurous, and emotional. Vacation for Snakes is their debut EP. Released late last year, it showcases their playfulness, and penchant for odd time signatures.

We asked the band to take us through the inspiration behind each track. We learned that they give zero fucks per second.

1. Blowing Raspberries

For this track especially, we would love to give credit where it’s due and thank our founding drummer and solo songwriter, Christopher Valdes. He was an essential part of writing all of the songs on the album, but he deserves special credit for this track in particular. He showed us a composition of his, then we jammed on it for a while and shaped it into something entirely different. The opening riff of Blowing Raspberries was the only piece of the original retained when it was done, but out of it came a whole heap of inspiration.

2. Sick, Sick 6

This track was the first song we wrote with our original drummer after deciding to abandon efforts of reviving the band’s previous incarnation, Adventure Camp. The whole thing came together quite naturally, so we did what any aspiring math-rock band would do: we chopped it up and shifted all of the parts around.

3. These Tigers Have Too Many Teeth

‘These Tigers’ is an explosive mashup of a few riffs that we all brought to the table. This was one of the last songs we wrote, and didn’t actually finalize until we were in the studio recording it.

4. Dad’s Other Daughter

Meant to be played immediately following ‘These Tigers’, ‘Dad’s Other Daughter’ is the most post-rock sounding song on the EP. It started out as a riff called ‘Passenger Seat’ that Mike brought to rehearsal. It was one of the quicker songs to come together, but also one of the most straightforward songs.

5. 0FPS

The title of this one is based on an inside-joke at Ryan’s work. ‘FPS’ is an acronym for frames-per-second used with video and video games, and it was adapted to make light of somebody operating at ‘zero fucks-per-second’. While the presence of a drummer was a huge part of writing all the other songs, most of the riffs and the structure in 0fps were written by just Cliff and Ryan in a sweaty garage.

6. Lentils

Well, we started out as just 4 average turtles living in the sewers until some weird glowing green ooze was spilled on us… Wait, what are we supposed to be writing about again?

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