tunic – ‘Boss’ EP | Track by Track


The Boss EP is out now.

Combining a mixture of straight of punk with noise rock, Winnipeg’s tunic returned with their latest release on 21st July. Simply titled Boss, the EP is vigorous and raw exploration of fast paces and off kilter guitars. Possessing a kind of controled and nuanced anger and violence, the EP is a four track gem of cathartic emotion.

We recently spoke to David Schellenberg (vocalist) about what inspired the songs on the EP.

Boss EP

As far recording this record goes, it was pretty straight forward. We spend the last 3 days of 2016 in a studio with our friend Joel Mirau and we just did it. I had a broken ankle at the time and was on crutches, but that didn’t really hinder anything.

1. Shaking Hands

I had about half a dozen versions of the guitar part for this song. The one we went with had enough space to allow Rory and Sam to write their very crucial parts to the song and the rest of the track just sort of happened natural in our rehearsal space one evening.

The lyrics for this song are sort of the major theme of ‘Boss’. It’s about losing interest in the type of music you grew up playing and wanting nothing to do with it anymore. One line that I feel sums up this song is “Shaking hands in the dark, in hopes, that it helps your dull art” which just means watching all these people in bands schmoozing and how I didn’t care for it.

2. Mumbled

Mumbled came together once the main guitar riff was written, the one you hear in the intro of the song. The rest of the song was really defined but Rory’s bass line and Sam’s drum parts. They really took what I brought to the table and flipped it all around where we are all ended up playing different rhythms but some how it all synced up and sounded cool.

When it comes to the lyrics for mumbled, the song is similar to the lyrics of boss. It’s about playing in a band I played in for a long time, many years ago and having all these amazing opportunities as a band and having nothing really come of it and losing your infatuation with a project and a genre of music as a whole.

3. Eye Contact

As far as the lyrics go for this one, this song is pretty much part two of our song disappointment from our last 7″. It’s another reflection on this brutal relationship I was in for a short time.

Musically, this song just really evolved from the first part of the song, the hypnotic, rhythmic, kraut part. the rest of the song just sort of came out once we were playing it in rehearsal.

4. Boss

Boss started when I wrote the bass line. Rory wrote the guitar for most of the song around the bass part. We wanted the song to be a pummelling, a driving force that never really stopped and that didn’t really obey to traditional song structure, hence why you have all these feedback loops and messy solos.

At the time the lyrics were written I had recently quit every band I was in besides this one, the lyrics came from the frustration of playing in someone else’s band and committing yourself to something you weren’t really 100% in love with and making the move to just focus on one project.

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