Tyler & Eye: 5 Things That Inspired ‘Sweetest Friend’

tyler & eye

‘Sweetest Friend’ is out now.

Stefan Ng originally started Tyler & Eye out of feeling gloomy in his Boston dorm room with the goal of crafting a sound that evoked his origins in Southern California. Joined in the duo by Tyler, the band released a pretty beautiful EP last year entitled Channels. A layered and largely electronic effort, the EP certainly seemed to focus on the warmth and positivity of So Cal rather than the dreariness of Boston.

While remaining undeniably warm, the latest track from the duo, ‘Sweetest Friend’, is certainly a more reflective offering. More stripped down and organic that their previous material, the song is an exercise in creating something more direct and bare. The result is a track that is melancholic but hopeful, lulling the listener into the depth of feeling in the song. There’s also a bluesy as all hell guitar solo. That tone!

We spoke to the duo about what exactly inspired the track. Listen to the song below.

1. Friendship

Up front, ‘Sweetest Friend’ is about friendship, specifically the ups and downs, the expectations and compromises that friends have to deal with.

2. Adulthood

The lyrics are also metaphorically about adulthood and coming of age, or simply put, “life”. The feeling of venturing into the unknown is something I wanted to capture in the tone and feel of the track.

3. Simplicity

I’ve always thought that the simpler it is the better it is. Our previous records were always insanely layered and complex. I wanted to do a track that was simple and to-the-point. This approach was applied in all aspects; the mix, the arrangement, the melody, the mastering.

4. Collaboration

This is the first song were it’s more than just Tyler and I. We had several other people play on the record and it’s kind of a representation of a handful of artist styles. This is important because I’m a huge believe in collaboration, and mixing styles.

5. Atmosphere

Atmosphere has always been important. I’ve always loved the feeling of being in space and the heavy reverb in the vocals and the synth represents that. Music has the ability to reproduces feelings and memories of places, which is what I wanted ‘Sweetest Friend’ to do.

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