Ummagma Share Dreamy New Single ‘Winter Tale’ | Overblown Track Premiere

Photo credit: Rudy Tambala & Oleksandra Kostiv

The ‘Winter Tale’ single is out on 12th January 2017.

As the frost and warm fires of winter are here, Canadian/Ukrainian husband and wife duo Ummagma have shared an ambient and ethereal new single. ‘Winter Tale’ is a shimmering piece of stripped down dream pop tinged electronica. The track washes over the listener, taking you on a gently melancholic journey that sees singer Shauna McLarnon’s vocals ebb and flow in layers over the top of a metronomic and soft beat while synths permeate the track like a security blanket.

The single also features a remix by Rudy Tambala of legendary British dream pop duo A.R.Kane. The remix is even more spacey and out there. Rudy removes the beat, but adds a fuzzy guitar alongside a reverb drenched guitar whose foreboding qualities contrast wonderfully with McLarnon’s angelic vocals.

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