New Band Of The Day #112: UNCANNY


Self-titled debut LP out now.

Who: R. M. Suryokusumo – Vocal & Guitar, Athif Aiman – Drums, Indra Suhyar – Bass.

What: Noise rock (FFO: WHORES., Unsane, Metallica)

Where: Indonesia.

Why: If I had a nickel for every time I told someone that Asia is alive with aggressive, awesome music, I’d be a rich bugger. At least richer than I am. Music journalism is a goldmine after all. Right?

Anyway, UNCANNY are from Indonesia and play the most chunky and melodic noise rock. There’s even something wonderfully Metallica-esque about the chorus and song structure on their new track ‘Lone Survivor’. Shit, it even sounds like a Metallica song title. So that’s awesome right? Imagine if Metallica were a noise rock band. Sounds bad shit crazy and absolutely awesome to me man. Do it.

Also, listen to this. Their new release will be a USB in a toy. I think. “Lone Survivor is the single off of our upcoming double single release which will be released in form of toy and digital release.

The toy, made by Dimski a.k.a Scumbag Mutant, an urban toy artist from Jakarta, will be named “Konformator”. It will carry our double single, “Lone Survivor” and “Three Past Thirty” inside his briefcase (an enclosed USB flashdrive).

Konformator will be released and sold via a bundle pack pre-order (which lasts until September 20th) through a Google Form (we can ship worldwide 🙂 ) on September 30th 2017, and the digital version will be released by Royal Yawns (A record label from Bandung) on the same day.

Lone Survivor features a different and heavier sounds compared to our debut Ep, Ferris Wheel. In this song, we play a straight-up heavy rock.”

Check the thing out:


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