Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Alternative Music Fan In Your Life

valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and that means you might be on the lookout for some last minute gift ideas. Of course, there are always the standard go-to gifts like flowers, chocolates, jewellery, or colognes. But if you’re looking for an extra personal touch, specifically for the alt, rock, or indie music lover in your life, here’s are some fun gifts to consider this year.

Primavera Sound Tickets

valentine's day

Primavera is our favourite major festival. Fact. We had a particularly good year there in 2015. Although memories are a bit hazy, we realised a life long ambition of seeing The Replacements live. This year everyone from Slayer to Sleaford Mods to Kate Tempest to Bon Iver to Gojira are playing. The most eclectic festival going.

Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run (Autobiography)

valentine's day

There isn’t really a musician on the planet who tells a better story than Bruce. Whether it is the lyrics of his many classics or his banter in between songs, his words are uniquely endearing and engrossing. It makes sense that his autobiography, obviously titled Born To Run, would be equally riveting. On top of this, he doesn’t spare himself the rod, exploring his many shortcomings and struggles with mental health. Eloquent and inspiring.

Guns N’ Roses Tickets

valentine's day

Back to the idea of tickets for a classic group, Guns N’ Roses has been everywhere for the last year or so. In fact, even before GNR reunited on stage the band joined a few other legendary bands by expanding its outreach through licensed online games. Casino Source lists a lot of different themes for slot games around the internet and includes GNR among the bunch, serving as the inspiration for an arcade casino game that in turn puts the band on the radar of countless gamers. Following its foray into the gaming world the group played at Coachella with Axl Rose and Slash together for the first time in ages, and then launched the Not In This Lifetime Tour, which is still running. The group isn’t typical for alt/indie fans but they’ve had a huge influence on rock and it’s pretty cool for any music fan to catch them live these days.

Still in a Dream: A Story of Shoegaze 1988-1995 box set

valentine's day

You know the way you’re always trying to get your spouse into shoegaze? This is your solution. After these 5 CD’s and 87 tracks, they’ll be the ones bugging you by always playing ‘Sunshine Smile’ by Adorable when you go on holiday. There’s also a rather gorgeous booklet with notes, illustrations, and whatnot. My Bloody Valentine aren’t on the box set, but who cares when the rest of the music is this good?

Mother Love Bone – The Complete Works [VINYL]

valentine's day

Seattle’s Mother Love Bone are the best glam rock band ever. I mean all the others were terrible more or less, but they were still the best. Andy Wood, their enigmatic and sadly deceased frontman, was like some kind of grungy mix of Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant. He was also the soul of the band. Their skill was in creating music that was cocky, swaggering, and also heartfelt and personal. That’s rare. This box set is beautiful and the songs are even more beautiful.

A subscription to Vinyl Me, Please

valentine's day
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Actually, if someone could just get us a subscription to Vinyl Me, Please, that’d be great. Vinyl Me, Please is a record of the month club. Essentially, each month they send you a classic record. Could be from any genre, or year. Reminds us of buying records back in the day because we liked the cover art. A simpler time.

Cymbal Art

valentine's day

Basically music related art on drum cymbals. It is as badass as it sounds. What’s excellent about cymbal art is you can often get them made especially to the specifications you like. You know, bespoke. So you could get your spouse’s favourite musician on the cymbal art, or maybe a picture of you giving them a big thumbs up. The choice is yours.

1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

valentine's day

This is 960 pages of albums that you should listen to so that you can lord it over your inept, Adele loving friends. This thing ranges from Miles Davis to Frank Sinatra to Pearl Jam to the Beach Boys. Actually, it’d make a fine Spotify playlist. But keep that between you and me.

Lost In The Supermarket: An Indie Rock Cookbook

valentine's day

As well as being one of our favourite Clash songs, Lost in the Supermarket is cookbook full of idiosyncratic and frankly odd recipes. But that’s the way it should be surely. The main thing here is you’ll have great craic conjuring up some of the weirdest concoctions imaginable with your love one. And if it’s rank, you can always get a takeaway.

Vintage Concert Posters

valentine's day

This is a real good one. Is there a gig that your spouse cannot shut up about? Maybe they saw Pearl Jam in Soldier Field in 1995? Or maybe it was The Smiths at Brixton Academy in 1986? Whatever it was, they will love you forever if you get a framed poster from their favourite gig. Seriously.

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