Vertical Slump – Ruined Value – EP Review

vertical slump ruined value review

Ruined Value  Is Out October 2nd Via Icecapades.

Ruined Value, the debut EP by post-punk group Vertical Slump, is comprised of four songs: ‘Chanteuse’, ‘Sentinel’, ‘Alter’, and their recent single, ‘Tether’. All four songs clearly give the impression of guitar strings being thrashed against, vigorous bass-lines and drums being bludgeoned to death as if they are the enemy. This is held together with some untidy, yet thoughtful, synth riffs creating some kind of delicate messy debut for the band and giving us a taster of what the future may hold for this band.

The lead single ‘Tether’ is where the true beauty of this band shines through. The song starts off as a simple drum solo, progressing to an almost riff battle between the synth and the guitars which is almost constant throughout. The vocals are not quite balanced against the instruments. The band uses this imbalance to their advantage; it makes you listen that bit closer, taking notice to every detail of this track.

The group get more experimental with ‘Chanteuse’. Everything about this song is turned up full; quick pace, loud guitars, more aggressive vocals in the chorus and some powerful synth riffs. The intensity of all the layers in this track contributes to a sense of completeness I feel when I hear it; everything seems to fit neatly, but it still gives the EP a rough around the edges vibe.

I can’t help but hear the introduction of ‘Chanteuse’ in ‘Alter’, as the pace, drums and timings all sound a bit similar for the first few seconds, the only difference being the pitch of the guitar, which may seem like a limitation to the track, however as the song progresses, it morphs into something more unique and exciting. Specifically the instrumental in the outro is enough to sell this song to me as my favourite from the EP.

‘Sentinel’ begins with  which is a chance for us to soak up every ounce of their talent on each of their instruments and focus on all of the parts which combine into such a catchy song, where you will find yourself probably singing along to the main guitars for the rest of your day. A promising debut.

Ruined Value is out October 2nd via Icecapades.

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