Via Tania Interview: “I See You Tiger”

Via Tania and The Tomorrow Orchestra Interview:

Via Tania is slated to release her most recent collaboration with The Tomorrow Orchestra on February 24, 2015. Their first single, “I See You Tiger” promises something wholly intriguing and beautiful is certainly coming. It’s one of those songs you have to close you eyes to hear. It’s a flitting creator who grows a wildflower basin, spring creek, and perfect afternoon from the tip of each note, there is something knowing, healing, and holy in the music. Overblown contacted Via Tania to discuss instrumental collaboration, artistic evolution, and exploring crowdfunding platforms in order to support truly independent art.

Overblown: Who are you speaking to with ‘I See You Tiger’?

VT: It’s a reincarnation guessing game, everyone I know.

O: Working with an experimental orchestra would require an elaborate degree of coordination, what is your collaborative style when working with other artists?

VT:In the past they would be quite lengthy projects going back and forth. This was different. This was much more direct. There was no back and forth . Decisions were made in Chicago by Matthew, Charles and the orchestra , then here in Sydney where I did vocals and at mixing in Melbourne it was very neat and tidy actually. I do tend to spend a long time getting a project together but it’s not luxurious over worked/priced records it’s just life stuff happens and that co-ordonation is more than organizing musicians and such .

O: Did you feel yourself evolve in any particular way while collaborating with these musicians?

VT: I definitely evolved as a singer. I didn’t want my vocals to be buried or uncertain so I had some real singing lessons from a classical teacher. It was such a great experience. I had wished I’d had those 20 years ago because performing would have been a lot more enjoyable I think. But everything comes when it’s supposed to as they say.

O:Which or what instrument(s) most challenged your vocal style for this song?

VT:Not sure if there was a particular instrument but In The Air was the most challenging because I had to change the melody quite a bit to fit the new version.

O: How do you approach the creation of a new sound while also maintaining the pop sensibility familiar to your previous work?

VT: Really and truly don’t think about it. That’s one of those things you can only see and draw links between in hindsight but I’m never usually that worried. Once years ago I played a set where I played a song from Grease 2 and a Janet Jackson song and friends said they thought they were my songs. So, ever since then I haven’t been too worried about stylistic changes.

O:This album was created with use of the crowdsourcing platform “Indiegogo”, what was your experience with this method for fundraising and what advice could you give an artist considering this platform?

VT: Interesting method. I support crowd-funding because I think it’s a simple business idea but it has been taken advantage of as well. My main advice would be to have a ‘team’ onboard because it’s overwhelming and also don’t be in any kind of musical hibernation for a few years prior to doing a campaign. It’s hard to get word out when you’re not playing gigs and actively promoting your music. There’s a whole business/marketing end of the music business that you need to get money from anyone just like any entrepreneur would. I have an entrepreneurial side of me but it doesn’t really come out when I’m working on my music. Music is much too fragile for me to treat it as a real business, I have learned in recent years.

O: What are your current three favorite artists to listen to while seeking inspiration?

VT: Current is a problem for me, I guess . Jolie Holland, I love listening to her words. Elizabeth Mitchell and Tinariwen. Guess I’m getting into the folk.

Via Tania and The Tomorrow Orchestra is out on the 24th February 2015 via Narooma Records.