Video Premiere: Glass Mountain ‘Gin Flows Through My Veins’

Bradford’s Glass Mountain are clearly a trusting lot. For their new track ‘Gin Flows Through My Veins’, taken from their forthcoming Wow and Flutter EP, they commissioned Sodium Films to create this video. However, from point of commission to receiving the finished art the band were to have nothing to do with the concept of the film. They literally just received the final cut the night before we bring you this premiere. Their trust was well placed, the result is truly dramatic and heartbreaking, uncomfortable to watch. Stunning.

Glass Mountains music is of the towering, dramatic variety; considered rock music which feels heavy and extremely personal and this song is no different.  There’s certainly a cinematic grandeur to their sound which is almost at odds with the self-doubt and anxiety they seem to carry through their vocals and lyrics. There’s almost never a song of theirs that goes by without a wonderfully weighty bass line making their sound as satisfying as it is ominous. Think of the National with anchors tied to their feet whilst trying to cover My Bloody Valentine and you’ll be half way there, or perhaps just completely confused!

The Wow and Flutter EP will be released on 29th January 2018 via the bands new label Hide and Seek (home to Post War Glamour Girls and Mi Mye so no quality check required) and will be available on red or pink vinyl as a standard version which you could buy or you could get stuck into a very unique edition which contains Glass Mountain Gin along with some ingredients and recipes for the perfect G&T as well as plenty other cool stuff. There’s only 100 of these though so don’t sleep on it. Gin…mother’s ruin indeed.

Glass Mountain release the Wow & Flutter EP on 29th Jan 2018 through Hide and Seek – Order it here

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