Vinyl Collectors Are Middle Aged Loners, Study Finds

record collecting

According to market research company YouGov, the majority of people who love to purchase a bit of vinyl are lonely and introverted. They prefer music over social interaction. To be slightly more specific, the study found that 69 percent of record collectors enjoy spending time alone (not exactly the same as lonely I concede) and 56 percent of them (us?) prefer to keep their feelings to themselves.

A big portion of the incentive behind this seems to be for moral reasons as 59 percent think that downloading music illegally is wrong. Oddly, in the UK the majority of vinyl buyers range from 45 to 54 while in the US the majority are 18 to 24.

Go figure.

Sounds a bit like legendary alternative comix creator Harvey Pekar. He’ll tell you all about his record collecting obsession in the below video.