Vulgarians – ‘Almost-Instinct, Almost True’ EP | Track by Track


New EP Almost-Instinct, Almost True out May 5th

This could be it. Hull’s Vulgarians have been at there psychedelic tinged alt rock for a couple of years now, but the last couple of tracks they’ve released, which will be on their upcoming Almost-Instinct, Almost True EP, have really kicked things on to the next level. we’re particularly fond of ‘Of Humdrum Consumption’ which its frantic pace, destressed/deranged vocals, and liberal usage of fuzzed out guitar antics.

We caught up with the group and they took us through their upcoming EP track by track. Conversation turned to the poet Philip Larkin, mandanity, and working with MJ of Hookworms.

Almost-Instinct, Almost True

Following the release of our debut EP Life’s Successful Death, in 2016, we began planning a second EP. We initially started writing new material throughout the summer in line with our first UK tour. Once we collected a set of songs that we imagined would work as an EP, we booked in to record at Suburban Home Studio with Matt Johnson of Hookworms. We felt working with Matt was something of great interest as we’re big fans of the work he’s done with other bands, and also with his own band.We chose the title Almost-Instinct, Almost True for this EP for a few reasons. Firstly, we’re all fans of the late great Hull adoptee poet Philip Larkin – the title is a line lifted from a poem of his called An Arundel Tomb. It’s a line that he used to describe his work and the nature of what he did. We thought that was a pretty apt description of making music. Or for us, at least. Secondly, as you may possibly have heard once or twice, our beloved Hull is the UK City of Culture this year… So we thought it’d be a nice touch to have that involved in the title of the record in some capacity. Last of all, we just thought it sounded good.

Vulgarians tour dates:

May 10th – Headrow House, Leeds
May 11th – Soup Kitchen, Manchester
May 12th – Picture House, Sheffield
May 13th – The Priory, Glasgow
May 16th – Full Moon Club, Cardiff
May 22nd – Crofter’s Rights, Bristol
May 23rd – Old Blue Last, London
May 26th – The Polar Bear, Hull
May 27th – Rock City Basement, Nottingham

1. Of Humdrum Consumption

We felt the driving, pulsating nature of ‘Of Humdrum Consumption’ would be a suitable way to introduce the listeners to constant misery that hangs throughout the EP. I guess the lyrical themes are pretty continuous throughout, as they target the mundane activities that occur throughout one’s every day. It’s about being youthful and bored. There, I said it. There’s a great aggression to the whole song in general, and I guess it’s similar to a younger Vulgarians’ track.

2. Career Dietary

We decided opening the EP in such an abrasive way would be perfect to follow up with all the insecurities that derive from ‘Career Dietary’. I tried to amuse myself by conjuring all of life’s miseries. It’s a dark song, sonically, so I found a great desire to try add some flavoured humour towards it. We were listening to the new Eagulls’ record a bit at this point, believe it or not.

3. Hands Around The Waste

When we initially wrote ‘Hands Around The Waste’, after we had stopped laughing, we thought it would be a perfect opening single for the EP. It’s by the far the sexiest song we’ve ever wrote, on a sane level. Some may argue otherwise. Hence, the 70’s alter-ego ‘Steve Dream’ that conducts game show-like perversity on a visual level. There’s such a dynamical shift between verse/chorus, which is why I applied some anecdotal references to meeting psychotic taxi drivers to it.

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