Vulpynes Interview: “It’s about my obsession with the number 3”

vulpynes interview

Vulpynes’ latest track ‘O.C.D.’ is out now.

You know when White Stripes came upon the music scene around fifteen or so years ago, I thought to myself, “Ah. A duo. That’s a gimmick. Won’t last long”. To be fair, I thought the internet was a gimmick too so you probably should not heed my opinions too much. Anyway, obviously this whole duo thing really took off based on the fuzzy and lo-fi White Stripes format.

This is the route that Dublin’s Vulpynes also take. However, they’re a fair bit grittier and snarling than the aforementioned Detriot, Michigan twosome. Vulpynes are like what Mudhoney would sound like if there were only two of them, and they took even less shit. Maeve Molly leads the line with teeth bearing vocals complemented by fuzzed out guitar lines. Meanwhile Kaz brings up the rhythm section with clattering smashes and splashes. Their two tracks released so far, ‘Terry Said’ and ‘O.C.D.’, are wonderfully cacophonous affairs displaying why the group have been hailed by the likes of Dan Hegarty and invited to play Camden Rocks Presents in London.

We had an old chinwag with Maeve and Kas and ended up exploring their love of foxes, stripping things down to acoustic, and mental health.

Overblown: According to our research (cursory Google search) a vulpine is something relating to foxes or something that is cunning and crafty. Do either of these things have anything to do with the origin of your band name Vulpynes?

Vulpynes: The name Vulpynes is indeed a tribute to an undenying love for foxes. We went with the ‘y’ for something different! We worked on some of our first songs in Maeve’s house which is covered in fox memorabilia and paintings, so it seemed a fitting theme. Google is awful mean for saying foxes are cunning and crafty, they are beautiful animals.

O: Is Terry from your song ‘Terry Said’ a real person?

Maeve: He certainly is, we used to see him in a bar in Dublin, sitting in the same place, as the songs says. We haven’t been to that bar in a while but I bet he is still there. I’m pretty sure I either made his name up or misheard it, but I like that idea. The song is quite dark, it’s about putting someone on a pedestal and obsessing over how great you think they are, even though you’re not sure if they are real. You know those everyday situations!

O: You recently played a ‘Camden Rocks Presents’ show in London. How did that go?

V: It was a fantastic experience. Playing in a different city to a packed room where you don’t know anyone was a great way to end our first year as a band.

O: Your music is quite energetic and fiery. Yet, you have often play acoustically like at the Hard Working Class Heroes Halloween acoustic trail and more recently, the New Year’s Eve acoustic music trail in the GPO. How do you adapt your music for the acoustic setting?

Maeve: We honestly winged the first time we played acoustically. We decided the only way it would work is if we changed as little as possible so that it would still sound like Vulpynes. So the only difference is there is no distortion and Kaz is playing the cajon. I write most songs on an acoustic guitar so I don’t have to do much re-working. I’ve been told I have a loud voice and don’t need a mic which I suppose is, handy? Haha.

O: You’re currently on Polite Society Records. How did that partnership come about?

V: Our first gig was supporting an Irish band called Long Tail who are part of Polite Society. We then met Fangclub who run Polite Society. After a few gigs they asked us to join and we were chuffed. They are a great help to us and having the support of other Irish bands, especially when starting out, is invaluable.

O: Your new song is titled ‘OCD’ and the chorus goes, “I love my OCD”. What inspired the song?

Maeve: I wrote the lyrics as an ode to using your compulsions and idiosyncrasies to your advantage. It’s also about my obsession with the number 3.

Kaz: I was always getting into trouble with my OCD when I was younger, but now I’ve learnt to embrace it!

O: You have plans to record new music very soon. Any plans for an EP or an LP?

V: We want to keep writing and recording as much as possible. We don’t like to plan ahead too much, we just like to do what feels right at the time. Being impulsive and spontaneous is a good idea right!?

O: You have some festival gigs on the horizon this summer. Where are you playing specifically?

Answer: We’ll be announcing some festival dates shortly, you can keep an eye on our Facebook page for those. We’re also trying to line up some more UK dates, hopefully all within the same time frame, so we don’t have to come over and back too much, as that gets expensive! Either way, looks like it’s going to be a busy year for Vulpynes.

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