The Vultures – ‘Ballad of the Werewolf’ | Overblown Track Premiere

the vultures

New Album Three Mothers Part 2 is out on April 14th via Ciao Ketchup Recordings

London sextet The Vultures are that most wonderfully rare breed of rock bands that are suave, cinematic, considered, debonair even. Strings sweep through their songs with a majesty that creates the feeling that their music would be well suited to a ballet recital. There’s a grandiosity that is engaging, but wonderfully tempered by the essentially grounded nature of the group at large. A wonderful dichotomy.

Drawing on the likes of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, and Serge Gainsbourg, new single ‘Ballad of the Werewolf’, which we are delighted to premiere below, beautifully showcases the deft storytelling of their lyrics and the gentle melancholia of their music. The song tells the tale of a girl with a tendency to ruminate, and the speaker in the song who wishes to console and comfort the girl. In our estimation, it’s a tender and platonic tale of the delicacy of love and concern that another band would not be able to give such depth and gravitas.

One of our favourite aspects of The Vultures is the slightly unusual diction of Benjamin Etchells. There’s something quite alien and exotic to some of his pronunciation that adds an otherworldly nature to The Vultures’ music. An interesting feature, without being overwhelming or distracting, this style enables the band to craft a unique world in which their songs take place.

Pre-order Three Mothers Part 2 right over here.

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