Wait and Shackle – ‘Caps For $ale’ | Track Premiere

Wait and Shackle

The Happy 26th Birthday is out on March 20th.

There are two things we love here on Overblown. One is math rock. The other is lo-fi DIY approaches to music. New York-based emo/math rock quartet Wait and Shackle tick both of these boxes nicely. With that in mind, we are pretty delighted to premire their new track ‘Caps For $ale’. Taken from their upcoming EP Happy 26th Birthday, it is an upbeat, emotional, and melodic blast that perfectly marries technicality with humanity. The track is streaming below. Have a listen, and read what the band have to tell us about the song, the upcoming EP, and their upcoming gig plans.

Overblown: Can you tell us what inspired ‘Caps For $ale’?

Wait and Shackle: lyrically the storyline is a mashup of the children’s book “Caps For Sale” and Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist. In fact, a few lines from the spoken word section are quoted from the book. It takes the later novel and changes the outcome of the story to a much less sensical resolution of becoming a cap salesman. Then the “eleven” section is a reference to the time signature of the outro. Altogether the song is one of our goofier concepts but musically showcases a lot of different styles of our playing and musicianship.

Overblown: It will appear on your upcoming EP ‘Happy 26th Birthday’. Where did that title come from?

Wait and Shackle: Our guitarist had gotten a birthday card from one of our friends last year. I loved the quirkiness of the card and thought it would make a great album cover. I had pitched the idea when I first saw the card and stuck to it. As everyone started considering it more and more we also realized having a “birthday party” would be a great gimmick for live shows, something to change up the typical 4 bands in a bar playing music song and dance you usually get. Who doesn’t love a good birthday party?

Overblown: The intro track for the EP is called ‘Tetraphobia’, which is the fear of the number 4. Are you afraid of the number 4? 🙂

Wait and Shackle: Well as a Telsa supporter 4 is obviously not as worthy as the number 3 (Tesla’s favourite number). Tetraphobia was a strong candidate for being the name of the EP. after we had chosen which songs we wanted to put out on this release we realized that every track name had the number four in it. We had also coincidentally picked four songs (“Tetraphobia” the track was added later) to be on the record.

And like any true math rock band, 4/4 time signatures is something we experiment with branching away from. So you could kind of say we are afraid of 4 because a lot of our songwriting uses a lot of odd meters and varies from playing in normal 4/4 time. ‘Tetraphobia’ was originally part of ‘Caps 4 $ale’ but we decided to make it its’ own intro. When we are trying to think of a name for the “intro”, Tetraphobia just seemed like a natural fit. The name we didn’t get to use and also the track that now, in the fear of 4, turns the record into a 5 track EP.

Overblown: How are you planning to launch the EP. Any gigs lined up?

Wait and Shackle: YES! We have been putting a lot of work into this record and trying to build a buzz around its upcoming release. We have been putting out funny little promo videos on faceboInstagramstagram to remind people of the new record. We are happy to say we have been backed by the Brooklyn based label, Small Settlement who is helping us in many different fields, firstly getting our music on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and more. The album drops on Bandcamp on the first day of spring (20th of March 2018).

Then we have 4 release shows set up where will be selling physical copies, all of which are self-pressed. These shows fall in between 21st Mar – 26th Mar. By the end of these shows, we hope to have the EP up on all major music streaming platforms. Following that we got a slew of weekenders lined up and then currently booking a two-week tour down the eastern coast of the United States. You can find out details on all the gigs on either our Bandcamp or our Facebook. We have plans of doing a few music videos, live performance videos, playthrough videos and we will be releasing all of the tablature for Happy 26th Birthday on Patreon in the coming weeks. Finally, when that is over, we go back into the studio (our living room) and begin pre-production for our first full-length album!

Overblown: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Wait and Shackle: Honestly come to think of it not really. I think performing live has become such a natural occurrence that there isn’t much that we need to do before we play. Maybe a couple of beers haha! But getting to play our own music to people that are into it has become one of my greatest outlets over the years. It’s a rare moment where nothing else will really cross my mind. It’s almost like this calm serenity going on in my head, whilst in the middle of the absolute chaos that is going on with the four of us jammed onto a stage.

It definitely keeps me sane. Ohhhh here is a pre-show ritual. Talk to the other bands. Watch them play. Support the people there, who are there supporting you. Build a scene around your music, don’t make it a drag for people who want to come out and see you. Engage. Too often you see bands hang outside the whole show, then complain when nobody is inside for their set.

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