Waking Aida – How To Build A Space Station – Play It Again, Sam

Waking Aida - How To Build A Space Station

Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

If you Google the word Aida, you are presented with two main results. Firstly, it is the name of an opera by the acclaimed Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. It tells the story of a forbidden love between the Egyptian Radames and the beautiful Ethiopian princess Aida. She is captured and forced to be a servant to the Pharoah’s daughter, who is also in love with Radames. AIDA is also an acronym used in marketing and advertising that describes a common list of events that may occur when a costumer engages with an advertisement. What does this have to do with the Southampton based self-described “Post Medio-Core” quartet Waking Aida? Not much, but it never hurts to learn something new.

What is “Post Medio-Core”? A ludicrious term is what it is. What Waking Aida are is more of an upbeat post-rock band along the lines of And So I Watch You From Afar or Maybeshewill (which is apt seeing as they are currently on Leicester label Robot Needs Home which is run by John Helps of Maybeshewill!). “How To Build A Space Station” is the third track on their debut album EschatonThe eschaton is a time period described in eschatological writings and doomsday scenarios, as in the end of times scenario as predicted by most dominant world religions. You are learning a lot today. The song is a sweeping, soaring undulating beauty of tune that ebbs and flows and streams through a succession of carefully crafted and nuanced passages before building to a celebratory crescendo. If the apocalypse sounds like this, I, for one, am looking forward to it. 

They play the ArcTanGent Festival in Bristol on the 30th August. The festival features the likes of Russian Circles, Mono and This Will Destroy You.

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