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war brides

Regrets is out now.

So, obviously, a war bride is a woman who married military personnel in times of war or during military occupations of other countries. Fun fact, there were an estimated 350,000 war brides who married American service men from 1942 to 1952. How is this related to the Chicago noise rock/post hardcore quartet War Brides? In no way whatsoever. Learning is important though.

Since it was released in May, we’ve been constantly spinning War Brides’ new album Regrets. A concise and pummeling affair, it sports a metallic and angular noise rock aesthetic that is married to a post hardcore grit. It’s also as angry as a weeping wound.

We spoke to the excellently named Tristan Widloe (vocals) about the record. He doesn’t mince his words.

Order Regrets on limited opaque green vinyl via Bandcamp.


A lot of things took place in our lives between our last album and Regrets. Grant injured his shoulder in an accident that sidelined him for a while – not to mention he got married, bought a home and had a baby, Justin moved back after being away for school and work for a few years, Richie moved to Tennessee, I had a fiancée leave me for an old man, Justin and I had a nephew pass away unexpectedly.

We also went through a weird creative funk and couldn’t agree on much of anything. There was definitely a point where parting ways seemed inevitable. But then we started to look at this catalogue of practice space recordings that we shelved for one reason or another and were like “why the fuck did we shelve all these?” Not all of the songs on Regrets are old shelved songs but there’s a few, like ‘Cubano’ and ‘Clean’, that definitely sparked some momentum. Not to mention Richie’s move forced us to approach song writing differently because we were working remotely. And when we did finally meet up to practice there was more of a sense of urgency to get shit done.

Lyrically, we’re one of those bands that writes the music first and the lyrics afterwards. The general mood of a song has always dictated the direction of the lyrics. Given what I experienced about 7 months prior to recording this album, I had plenty of fodder.

1. Clean

CLEAN is about the amalgamation of unresolved emotions, frustration and confusion brought on by a botched relationship, particularly one where it became abundantly clear that I truly didn’t know the person I was sharing my bed with. I spent a good while wondering how long she lied to me about the old man and if she was satisfied with her decision.

2. Day Drinking

DAY DRINKING is about a straight up pleasant day of drinking.

3. Designer Life

DESIGNER LIFE details some of my thoughts on our self-important, over-consumptive society. More specifically, it’s about getting stuck talking to an asshole that subscribes to said lifestyle at a party.

4. Halitosis

HALITOSIS is more about that person that shit on me and how she is a full of shit chameleon that doesn’t stick or see anything through. She was one of those types that had thirty best friends. They were all her “ride or die bitches”. I always thought that was a stupid fucking expression. And yes, she had shitty breath.

5. Ode To An Old Man

ODE TO AN OLD MAN is about attacking and brutally killing my ex’s now husband and celebrating it with a cold beer and some corn nuts while victoriously sitting on his dead body. This song was originally slated to be instrumental. Once they recorded it in the studio it just kinda clicked. I ended up writing the lyrics en route to the studio the next day.

6. Cubano

CUBANO is aptly named for the Cuban ex and how she reminds me of a greasy, fatty, meat laden sandwich. This one further touches on her being completely full of shit, lying about her involvement with her now gross old man husband and her exhausting need to be the center of attention. I was pretty fucking angry when I wrote the lyrics to this one. Do I still wish her dead? Nah, I guess not. What’s the point? Karma has plans for her.

7. Human Cow

HUMAN COW is the oldest song off Regrets. I wrote the lyrics to this one maybe 4-5 years ago. I was in a non-Cuban relationship at the time that, if carried on much longer, was going to suffocate and ruin me. I clearly date well.

8. Thyme

THYME, under the guise of a song about making pizza, is more so about being an underappreciated afterthought. I guess this one touches on the latter part of my relationship with the Cuban, a period when she started getting home from her bar job later than usual because of yet another “meeting”. At the time I didn’t think much of it. Hindsight.

9. Marrow

MARROW I believe is the second oldest song off Regrets. The lyrics were written a few years ago. Not entirely sure what I was going through at the time but there’s a pretty clear theme of failure and disappointment throughout. This one’s definitely a song about a ruiner wasting his life.

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