Washer Interview: “I use songs to process concerns about myself.”

New album All Aboard Out September 15th on Exploding In Sound.

Brooklyn’s Washer are a deceptive duo. Songs are melodic, bouncy, and unassuming. Behind that though are lyrics that mine areas of self doubt and insecurities with deft and nuanced results. Their second album, All Aboard, is out on September 15th via the always super awesome Exploding In Sound Records. It’s a low key tour de force of modern life.

We recently had a chance to chat with the duo about whether they ever plan to expand their line up, if their is a common theme in the new record, and why Exploding In Sound is so fucking class.

Overblown: After Shea Stadium and Palisades were shut down. And Flagland broke up. Did you consider packing it in too? What kept you going?

Washer: Not really. We were definitely feeling weird about it all. But we don’t really go as hard as other bands to begin with. There are downsides to that but we try not to burn ourselves out. Pushing to stay in it for the long haul.

Overblown: Your new track ‘Bass 2’ does a great job of marrying dirty fuzz and melody. What inspired the song?

Washer: General self doubt in creating anything. Songs and art stuff but also relationships, personal ethics. Submitting to that feeling. Trying to weasel your way out of it.

Overblown: There’s two of you in the band. Ever think about expanding the line-up? Why or why not?

Washer: Not for songwriting. There are a few songs that have a 2nd instrumental part for some or all of a song. If we play those live we have friends come up and play with us for a song or two.

Overblown: Is there any kind of overall theme to the new album? It seems to me that with titles like ‘Forget Everything’, ‘Afraid to Care’, and ‘Everybody Sounds Fake’, there is a fair amount of cynicism on the album?

Washer: There’s no explicit theme. But I definitely used these songs as a way to process some concerns about how I see myself. I wasn’t particularly nice about it.


Overblown: Who created the artwork for the album? What is the concept behind it?

Washer: Kieran made the painting that we used for the front cover. He had the idea for the title and art, and it ended up working well with the sentiment of the lyrics.

Overblown: Did you approach this album differently to your debut album in any way?

Washer: We tried out different recording and production ideas. There’s a few more overdubs. And we spaced out recording over a slightly longer period. I think we had a better sense of what songs worked together as an album. I think the first record flows well, but it was mostly documenting the first big batch of songs we wrote. We were pickier with this one.

Overblown: Isn’t Exploding in Sound pretty much the best record label on the planet?

Washer: 100%. Now somebody find them a wealthy benefactor.

Overblown: Freddie Mercury or Elton John?

Washer: Freddie Mercury And Elton John.

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