Wasted Wine – “I Told You” Video (Overblown Premiere)

South Carolina’s quirky and distinctive folk group Wasted Wine have a new album on the horizon. Dubbed Wasted Wine vs. the Hypnosis Center, the record is bound to continue to develop the band’s ever evolving and impossible to pin down sound. The latest track to be shared from the aforementioned record, “I Told You”, is an idiosyncratic piece juxtaposing mournful gypsy tinged folk passages with ominous near doom metal explosions. Needless to say, it makes for an intriguing and intimidating aural experience. Overblown is proud and privileged to premiere the quite exquisite video for the adventurous track.

The video itself is a collaboration between the band and Discordia Arts, a dance centred performing arts group based in Greenville, SC. Brandy White and Anna Jordan Bax choreographed a routine for “I Told You” along with Robert Gowan (Wasted Wine’s frontman) for a performance at TribalCon. Cowan wanted to capture the routine and adapt it for video, and so the video mostly highlights White’s dancing.

“The dance is meant to reflect the song in many ways being both a physical representation of the lyrics and, in a more vague sense, telling the story of the main character in the song,” explain Robert and Adam Murphy (co-founder of Wasted Wine).  “You could say that the song, like a lot of our songs, is about power, control, and communication. In this case, it seems to be about that kind of toxic relationship in which cruelty and desire get tangled up in all kinds of ambiguous ways. The dance and the video take this to a different level, telling more of a story of someone who overcomes this kind of relationship, yet finds themselves unfulfilled and lonely without it.”

The clip was recorded in various locations in downtown Greenville, SC. “We really wanted to showcase the beauty of the area,” add Robert and Adam. “It’s where Wasted Wine started. The video was also a step up for us in terms of having real equipment and a more ambitious vision, and the setting helped show that off. Robert, Adam, and Brandy shot the whole thing in one night, roaming around the city starting at dusk.” You can view the visually arresting video, above.

Wasted Wine vs the Hypnosis Center is out February 17th via Bear Kids Recordings. Buy it here.