Wavves Share ‘Heavy Metal Detox’

wavves heavy metal detox

New Album V  Is Out October 2nd.

Nathan Williams is a busy guy. Hosting radio stations in Grand Theft Auto V, recording an album with Cloud Nothings’  Dylan Baldi, and Wavves fifth album V. We’re lucky folks. ‘Heavy Metal Detox’ is Wavves third release from the upcoming album, and as like the first two singles, ‘Flamezesz’ and ‘Way Too Much’, it is a more cleaned up iteration of Wavves. Not so lo-fi and fuzzed up these days! V is out October 2nd (the day before my sister’s birthday) via Warner Bros.

Check out ‘Heavy Metal Detox’ above, and/or have a listen to ‘Flamezesz’ below. Either way, stay a while, have a good time.


01 Heavy Metal Detox
02 Way Too Much
03 Pony
04 All The Same
05 My Head Hurts
06 Redlead
07 Heart Attack
08 Flamezesz
09 Wait
10 Tarantula
11 Cry Baby

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