We Were Evergreen Cover ‘Be Like You’ From Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’

we were evergreen be like you

French indie-pop trio We Were Evergreen have shared their take on the jazzy Disney classic ‘Be Like You’ via The Line Of Best Fit. Their take is a more sombre, and less exuberant, effort than takes the swagger of the original and transposes it into a track touched with a smooth foreboding.

The trio had this to say about the cover: “We wanted to revisit a classic tune from everyone’s childhood: the original song not only has a great melody, but the lyrics themselves have a much deeper meaning than what the Disney film shows. By keeping the melodic base but making the arrangements darker, we wanted to bring out the idea lurking behind the song: that universal feeling of envy, the need to fit in – a theme that we already developed in our first album… this track is more sombre, with a slower groove – it follows the direction set off by some of the more personal songs from our debut album Towards, and features more alternation between male and female vocals. It might be an indication of what’s to come…

Listen to the cover below:

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