Weird Dreams Shares ‘Heaven’s Hounds’, Announces New Album

weird dreams luxury alone

Luxury Alone  Released June 10 Via Tough Love Records.

Weird Dreams, otherwise known as Doran Edwards, has announced his new album Luxury Alone. The album, which will feature ‘Heaven’s Hounds’ streaming above and the previously released ‘The Ladder‘, will be released on June 10th via the always awesome Tough Love Records.

Luxury Alone is a collection of songs made over a four-year period of uncertain times in different rooms in various homes, “says Edwards. “All this music is how I felt in the world. I eventually choose to learn to mix the record myself, design my own fantasy image and then have that world disappear.”

Luxury Alone track-listing:

1. Binary
2. Heaven’s Hounds
3. The Ladder
4. Neon Erotic
5. Mirror
6. Fantasy Building
7. Digital Water
8. Chalk Scrawls
9. Calm
10. Days

Luxury Alone Artwork:

weird dreams luxury alone

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