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Get ready to be taken on a musical journey from point A to point B. It might not sound like a giant leap but that’s purely due to your untrained ears, ours however, are astute.  Jump on, musical journey time!

We at Overblown are rabid indie music fiends with metal, alternative and post electro crunk credentials to boot! We craft indie music reviews, create mind altering track reviews and bite down hard on the gum shield for some brick shitting interviews with people you want to hear from (or, will want to hear from)!

Everything here is covered in beer, turned up to 11 and Overblown! Everybody loves us, everybody loves our town…

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Jamie Coughlan is the founder of Overblown. He talks a lot about himself and is totally pretentious. Terrible with personal finances. Loves beer gardens. He has written for the RTE Guide, A Music Blog, Yea?, The Thin Air, Gigwise, and is a contributor to The Tipping Point.