West Princes Interview: “We enjoy tangents in rhythm and moments of melody and harmony”

west princes interview

Debut single ‘Wet Bark Is A Slug’ is out now.

West Princes are the latest indie instrumentation band from Glasgow and I was lucky enough to speak to the four piece band regarding their debut single which was released on January 27th entitled ‘Wet Bark Is a Slug’.

Overblown: First of all, can you tell us a bit about the band (where did you all meet and how did everything start)?

West Princes: West Princes began in a flat on West Princes Street, Glasgow, where we lived together during our Art School days.

O: How would you describe your sound and where do your influences lie?

WP: As a collective group of friends brought together through playing music together, we follow a pretty natural and intuitive process of playing off of one and another’s joy for a particular idea, and not disclosing where the idea has to go in order to become finished. We enjoy tangents in rhythm and moments of melody and harmony, it is often not the first priority to describe each section of a song whilst writing.

Individually we each have varied tastes in music, but one thing we can agree on is late 60’s/early 70’s folk.

O: Can you talk us through your journey to date? I first seen you whilst supporting Chasity Belt in the cosy Electric Circus in Edinburgh. You mentioned the band were going through a social media/Spotify blackout. When did this all change?

WP: We played a lot of fun shows last year, particularly the Chastity Belt run as they are such lovely people and a great band to watch live. We spent a lot of last year writing and playing shows but just didn’t put anything out. We were sort of waiting for the New Year to put this record out, and they’ll be another, maybe not an LP just yet, but we’re working on it.

O: The video for ‘Wet Bark Is A Slug’, is intriguing to say the least. What is the story behind the animated film?

WP: We were introduced to Pärn’s work at art school. Unanimously, we felt that the pairing of Priit Parn’s 1984 film Time Out and Wet Bark Is a Slug, created a brilliantly mesmerising new AV composition that was not quite Priit Parn’s world and not quite our world either – so we guessed Priit Parn’s email address (knowing that he taught at an art school in Tallinn) to gain his permission to use the work. Luckily we guessed the email address correctly, he liked the song and agreed to let us use the video.

O: The first single from you is released on January 27th – can you talk us through the debut single?

WP: ‘Wet Bark Is a Slug’ has been one of our favourite songs to play for a while now, and getting it cut onto wax has been a lovingly but long experience. It’s a playful song, in which one minute it’s blowing on the pop fanfare and the next minute it’s extremely upset with everyone around it.

O: You have a two dates in February to celebrate the release of the single (Glasgow and London), where can we expect to catch you for the rest of 2017?

WP: You can currently catch us in Glasgow and London on 1st/2nd Feb, there’s nothing we can announce just now, but we’ll be playing Glasgow again and the rest of the UK later this year.

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