What Makes Online Casinos So Popular?

Have you ever stopped just before logging on to an online casino, and wondered why you’re doing it? Chances are you probably haven’t, because you gamble for fun and you can’t wait to get started. But what’s really driven the change for people gambling online instead of at their local casino? Why is it that instead of heading down to town centers in a suit and tie, more and more of us are logging into top quality online casinos like Clover Casino. Estimates in the press have ranged a little, but one popular British newspaper believes that there are over 164 million people worldwide who now gamble online using mobile phones alone. That doesn’t even take into account all of those using laptops or tablets.

Is It The Age Of Gamblers?

All of us are getting older. That includes you reading this article, and us writing it. Time slows down for nobody, and it also means the age of the average gambler is changing. As young people become old enough to gamble and come to see what the fun’s all about, they do so using methods they’re familiar with. For the generation we like to call ‘Millennials’ , that means they’re using the internet. The current crop of 21 year olds were born at the very end of the 20th century. They’ve never lived in a world that didn’t have the internet, or smartphones, or super connective technology. It’s the way they’ve always interacted with the world around them.

For over 30s, if we wanted to see someone, we used to have to go and knock on their door. You would telephone somebody to see if they were free to go and have a drink. And – crucially -a night at the casino was a ‘coming of age’ experience. Getting all your friends together and heading out for a night on the town gambling was part of becoming an adult. Not so much for the Millennials. They watch movies online instead of going to the cinema. They order food online instead going to the restaurant. And they gamble online instead of going to the casino. It’s just the way they are.

Forbes estimates that 50% of the entire American workplace will be Millennials by 2020. From that, we can probably estimate that at least 40% of gamblers will be Millennials, too. The boom in online casinos comes from the fact that there’s a boom in people who want to gamble online. The online casinos are just supplying the increasing demand.

Is It The Variety?

When you walk into a ‘traditional’ (by which we mean ‘real’) casino, you’re limited by the physical options that exist in there. Even the greatest casinos in Vegas have a finite number of games, machines and styles for you to enjoy. And chances are you don’t live near Vegas; for the majority of people reading this, your nearest casino will be quite small, with probably 30 or less tables and games to play in total. That kind of limitation doesn’t exist online. When you go to play an online casino, you can find them themed by area, interest type, skill level and visual preference. You can play celebrity endorsed games if you wish. You can play practice games for free before you risk your own money. There are, simply put, thousands more options available for the online casino player than there are at that same player’s local casino. Why would they spend the money to go out when they can have more fun and variety from the comfort of their own home?

Is It The Safety Element?

For as long as there have been casinos, there have also been pickpockets. That’s not strictly true; pickpockets have been around for a lot longer, but the point stands. Casino goers have always been targets for well organized criminals. If you’re going to the casino, you have money to spend. If you have money to spend, that makes you a prime target for a thief. And it’s not just petty criminals you have to worry about either, there’s the chance that the casino you’re playing in is rigged. There’s the chance that the person you’re playing against is a fraud or a cheat. There’s the chance that the casino misuses your bank details when you want to get paid. For some people, even poor casino etiquette from other players is enough to put them off going. None of these problems exist online. Online casinos have to apply stringent safety standards in order to trade. Money is paid back and forth safely and securely. And there’s nobody there to pick your pockets. Free of those worries and distractions, you can focus on playing – and enjoying – your game.

Is It Because It’s Easy To Do?

This is what it comes down to for a lot of people! We’ve already said that for most of you reading this, your local casino will be small, and low on features and options. For some of you reading this, you won’t have a local casino at all. It might be in the next town. It might be in the next county. If you’re really unlucky, it might even be in the next country! Casinos aren’t everywhere. The internet is. Without travel costs or extra effort, anyone eligible to gamble can sign up and start playing from wherever they are. There are online guides to show you how to play. There are free trials where you can play with no risk or reward to learn the game. And you don’t have to worry about when or how to get home. You don’t even have to worry about accidentally spending you taxi money! The joy of online gambling for a lot of people lies in its simplicity, and therein is also the appeal.

It’s Probably All Of It

When you sit back and look at everything we just mentioned – the simplicity, the increased level of safety, the variety of options, and the fact that it appeals to a younger audience- it’s no surprise that online gambling is becoming more and more popular. Also, because the march of technology can’t be stopped, it’s likely to become more so in the future. More people probably gamble online than offline now, and the percentage share in favor of online casinos will probably increase in the future.

There’s no reason to fear it, so you might as well join in and have some fun at an online casino today! Remember, always gamble responsible, and only play when you’re having fun.