What music is used in casinos and why?

If you have ever been inside a casino, you will know that they will use music to help provide an atmosphere to further enrich the overall experience that is had throughout the duration of your stay.

Whilst many will have turned to gambling online in the UK in recent years with how technology continues to improve and make online casino games more accessible, there will be some that will have always enjoyed the ambience that has been provided by a physical establishment that can not be replicated via a game on a computer.

There are a number of reasons as to why a casino will use music, although the main one is to draw in users and to make them feel at ease, relaxed and without any worries or anxiety. Here are just some of the techniques that they use to make players feel stress-free when playing their games:

Winning sounds

Whenever you go to a physical casino, one of the sounds that will be instantly recognisable is the sound of winning. Trumpets, bells and whistles will all sound – as will sirens – to alert people that someone has been able to win at the game that they have been playing.

These sounds will instantly pique interest from a plethora of individuals, as they will feel that they are able to achieve the same sounds when playing a game of their choice, thus encouraging them to play more and more games to be provided the positive sounds.


As mentioned, there is music that will generally be played in the background of a casino that will help players to enjoy the ambience and the atmosphere that is being provided. This is known as Muzak, and the simple definition for it is that it easy-listening music.

Muzak will be played throughout the duration of a casino experience, as it provides a soft, relaxing theme that can help bettors to feel as calm as possible, whilst also providing them with a source of concentration, thus eliminating any potential unwanted distractions.

Specific music used for slot machine areas

Perhaps a little unknown, but casinos will look to use music in the form of key C where their slot machines are. This type of music can provide punters with a great gambling experience as it is soft and features a harmony that can enhance the environment and atmosphere it is being played in. The Key C is generally rather happy and positive, thus providing players with a sense of relaxation when playing at a slot machine, rather than anger or anything negative that may potentially cause them to walk away from the game.

Music increases in tempo throughout the day

As mentioned, Muzak is used throughout a casino experience to keep players calm, however once night arrives, the music gets more upbeat and features a faster tempo. This kind of music helps to provide some excitement in the atmosphere, whilst it will also get the blood pumping and energy flowing through the bodies of individuals who are looking to gamble.