WHORES. Interview: “Playing music is what I’m meant to do.”

whores. interview

Gold is out 28 October via Steamhammer / SPV.

I don’t know how you feel about ferociously incendiary noise rock/punk but over here at Overblown we pretty much think it’s nearly the greatest thing ever. Atlanta, Georgia trio WHORES. are adept purveyors of the genre, conjuring a murky, filthy sludge atmosphere on their noisy and aggressive debut album Gold. The set is unrelenting, offering track after track of thick bass lines, pummeling drums, fast riffs, and quite a few melodies too.

We spoke to Christian Lembach, vocalist and guitarist with the group, about writing and recording their debut album Gold, the band’s love of touring, and celebrity culture.

Overblown: Gold is your first LP even though you formed in 2010. Many bands rush into recording their debut albums. Do you think that taking your time improved the end product?

WHORES: We definitely don’t rush, but we like to work. We’ve spent the majority of the last few years playing shows all over the country. Whenever we wanted to cut time out of touring to write and record, we’d get another opportunity to go back on the road. It was at the point where it was sort of silly to keep playing shows without a new record, so we took the spring of this year off of touring, holed up in a sweaty metal box on the outskirts of atl and wrote Gold. I’m not sure if it improved it or not, but we’re proud of the work we’ve done, and we immediately got back on the road. I’m actually in the back of the van as we speak.

O: Did you approach the writing and recording of the LP differently that the writing and recording of your two EPs?

W: As far as the writing, we usually work out riffs and chord structures together, and then i’ll write words and we’ll tweak arrangements to suit them. I kind of have a system that works pretty well. If a song isn’t grabbing me and I can’t hear a pattern or feel something, then we move on to something else. Our music requires a realness that isn’t vaudevillian, so it’s important to stay true to that and not delude ourselves into thinking something is rad if it isn’t.

O: For me, your music seems to moving slightly away from sludge metal towards more experimental noise rock territory. Is this a fair summation of your development?

W: I’ve never considered us sludge or metal. I mean, I like both of those things, but we’re sort of a punk rock band playing downtuned Pixies songs.

O: I really love your new song ‘Playing Poor’. Its ferocity is infectious. What inspired the song?

W: ‘Playing Poor’ is sort of based on the idea that the modern world is obsessed with celebrity and the importance of the individual. I think social media and reality tv have played a huge part in that mentality. It seems that people want to be rich and famous more than they want to have real and meaningful relationships. The desire to be loved by everyone ends up isolating people. People don’t seem to get that reality and the internet are different things, and I don’t think they care.

O: Canadian post punk band Viet Cong received a lot of flak for their band name and ended up changing it to Pre-occupations. Have you ever received any criticism or complaints about your band name? Have you considered that some people may be offended by the name?

W: Yes and yes.

O: This month, you’re playing the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento. Looking forward to it? Any bands you’re excited to see?

W: I can’t wait to see Baroness, Deafheaven and, of course, Slayer.

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O: After that you’re heading out on tour with Red Fang and Torche. What do you like and dislike about touring?

W: I love being on tour. Seeing the world with my friends and playing music is what i’m meant to do. It sucks being away from loved ones, pets and home so much, but it’s the life I chose. No regrets.

O: Any plans to come to play in Europe?

W: We just confirmed a European tour in for next year, but it’s not announced yet.

O: Do you have a goal for your music?

W: I am not a goal-oriented person.

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