Why Dating A Musician Sucks

Most young girls would like to date members of music bands because dating a musician or singer is so cool and all her friends will envy her. Also, musicians often look very attractive and stylish, they are charming and charismatic, so it is pleasant to go out with them. And thirdly, it is believed musicians are romantic and will be singing or playing for the girl day and night, standing under her window.

These are the reasons why many girls are browsing dating platforms, social networks, and look for the best webcam site reviewer in order to find guys who perform with music bands. At the same time, these girls have a chance of finding some awesome music and music bands, and discover a whole new world of music for themselves, forgetting about their searches for a boyfriend. And those who actually succeed, and find music band performers to date, have no idea why dating a musician or singer can actually suck.

Reason 1

The girl is not the only one who wants this particular guy for dating. Surprise! Musicians are often super popular in their communities, so the competition for the title of his girlfriend or even his friend is super high. In case there is nothing more than a mere attraction behind the relationship, the relationship will not last long, because the guy can easily be attracted by another pretty girl. Or, the guy can actually find the girl he falls in love with, and their relationship will be very long. In any case, when dating a popular guy, the girl has to be ready for competition.

Reason 2

Real musicians and singers actually devote lots of time to their music. Surprise! Music is not only playing in clubs and open-air; bands spend long hours in their rehearsal facilities, and this often happens at night, because in the daytime, they study or work. So the girl has to be ready to spend the majority of evenings alone. On the other hand, a certain percent of performers also play at home a lot. Therefore, in case the couple decides to live together, the girl will still have to learn to spend time on her own. And thirdly, she will have to tolerate long hours of playing the guitar or whatever right in their apartment.

Reason 3

Real performers prefer to actually perform in front of the public. Surprise! When one starts dating a musician, this does not mean owning a person from now on. If he is a successful performer, he will spend tons of time making shows, even travelling with the band, and visiting cool events with lots of cool people. if the girl studies, or has a job, she will have to spend some weekends, or even some weeks alone while her boyfriend performs somewhere on a festival.

So, it is easy to conclude that dating a musician or singer is really cool (especially if you truly like the guy), but such a relationship has its own peculiarities. If the girls want to date real performers, they have to be ready.