Wild Rocket – ‘Dissociation Mechanics’ | Track by Track

Dissociation Mechanics is out now.

Space rock / acid punk quartet Wild Rocket are a trip. Straddling a multitude of genres, they fiddle around with sludgy, dirty, expansive, ethereal, spacey music of infinite oddness. So it only made sense to ask where in the hell this came from.

They told us.

Dissociation Mechanics

This record is the middle part of a space rock trilogy. While our first record was more earthly and personalised in its treatment of the subject, Dissociation Mechanics takes a sweeping approach in its thematic exploration of deep sea and deep space, the repetitive rhythms of depression and the self-destruction of civilisations. The subtext of the album is influenced by the inability of the human race to learn from past mistakes and break calamitous cycles, instead looking to alternate dimensions for escape. Efforts to change observed realities – for better or worse – are central to most of the imagery created by the music and lyrics. At its core, it’s all about getting through life with big ol’ riffs.

1. Caught in Triangle Again

We’ve been playing around with the riffs and structure of this song since the band started pretty much. It became a staple set opener – with that first riff going on for varying lengths – and we recorded it in the sessions for our first record. That version didn’t quite fit on Geomagnetic Hallucinations, it felt rushed and other songs had come to the fore shortly before the recording. The structure we settled on in the last couple of years took hold and it made sense to start the record here: setting our stall out with the opening riff/refrain and lines like “SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL / DOWN THROUGH THE SPIRALS DOWN TO THE DEPTHS” & “KRAKEN’S UPON US DRAGGING US DOWN / TO THE MURKY DEPTHS” signalling the beginning of a journey from earth.

2. Infinite Reconnaissance Imager

This is the first tune of the ‘trilogy within the trilogy’, which deals with black holes as gateways to other dimensions. It’s the rock & roll song, and is probably as boisterous as the record gets. Busy riffs and licks – coupled with lyrics outlining some mechanics: “TIME TO OBSERVE SEND BACK OBSERVATIONS / CONTEMPLATE SOLUTIONS” – give way to a noisy sprawl as the magnitude of the trip takes hold: “TOTAL AWARENESS ENLIGHTENMENT / INFINITELY”. The influence of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is established firmly and doesn’t really let up for the rest of the record.

3. Into the Black Hole

This tune signals a shift toward the simpler, as a three-part structure recycles three times. You’re strapped in and everything’s going relatively smoothly. The presence of dark matter is becoming normal. Everything seems at its most assured: psychedelic melodies with a nod to Irish trad give way to some descending tension before the release into a 70s rock riff and the lyrics namecheck the band – “LIKE A WILD ROCKET OUT OF CONTROL” – and provide the album title – “AMPLIFIED EVOLUTION / DISSOCIATION MECHANICS”.

4. The Future Echoes

The second side of the record is where we really start to focus on repetition. The doom riff that forms the core of this tune was another one that had been knocking around for a few years. We took our time refining the tempo and form of it before considering how it sits within a song, then a live set and finally an LP. Loads of space was required: drums and bass get into a seemingly endless groove that loosens out as synth and guitar get a chance to be more expressive. Thomas Parkes made the accompanying music video, which features some incredible drone footage of Ireland’s coast that pushes the state of hypnosis to another level. Can’t not mention the “CLOSER AND CLOSER TO THE COSMIC RAY / CLOSER AND CLOSER TO THE COSMIC TRUTH / CLOSER AND CLOSER TO THE COSMIC TROUT / CLOSER AND CLOSER TO THE TRUTH” lyrics here, sublime.

5. The Edges of Reality

Back to the singular riff formula established on Interplanetary Vibrations on our first record. ‘Edges’ was the last tune recorded at the end of an exhausting night, with little regard for structure or perfection. This resulted in some extra licence (or requirement, depending on how you look at it!) for Scan, Rian & Moose on the post production end of things, which worked out really well. The mix is colourful and hazy at the same time and the way they made sense of the start and end of the track made it much easier to commit to the record. Closing the record with it was a no-brainer as at this point we’re “BEYOND ALL REALMS OF POSSIBILITY”.

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