Wilding – ‘Hot Prowl’ | Overblown Video Premiere

Debut EP Secular Music is out via Friendship Fever on 28 April.

This new track from LA trio Wilding is something else altogether. A tense, imposing, focused song of direct shoegaze tinged alternative rock, the track is one that builds and builds with care and precision. Offsetting this focus are the woozy and hazy vocals of Dave Woody, which creates an intriguing counter balance to the impending furiousness of the song’s denouement. This is the perfect atmosphere for the track’s lyric lamentation of the claustrophobia of suburbia.

The video is equally enthralling. Consisting of old footage from a 70’s anti-drug film, it complements the growing tension in the song with its eerie scenes of the ill effects of drug use.

“Small towns breed the need to escape,” says Woody. “No one understands, no one gets you. When the chemicals stop doing the trick, an anxiety overwhelms to the point of being unavoidable. Fight or flight. you just need to go. Your family and friends don’t understand but you simply need something new. For some of us the stars align and escape is realized. For most, the dream is a dead end.”

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