Will Coke – Flowers (Overblown Track Premiere)

will coke flower

Self Titled Debut Album Out May 27th.

We don’t know a whole lot about Will Coke here at Overblown. We do know a couple of things, though. We know he’s from Toronto. We know he released an EP in 2012 called All Unknown. We know that he collaborates with Rich Tailor (Taylor?) of fellow Torontan band Terrorista. We also know that his self titled debut album will be out on May 27th and that ‘Flowers’ is the first single to be gleaned from the set. It’s premiering right here on Overblown as we speak.

It’s a track that harks back to the indie rock of the 90s in its earnestness, fuzziness, and melody. Towards the beginning of the track, Coke intones with a melancholic lilt over a simple chord progression before the track descends into angry defiance as Coke rails, “This too shall pass, nothing can last / I’ll hold my head, up as I laugh”. It’s a fragile and vulnerable song at times, but one that is ultimately empowering and insistent.

Will Coke told us this about ‘Flower’, “For the listener it’s just supposed to be a message to say not to get down on yourself… there’s nothing wrong with you and you don’t last forever so… you know.”

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