William Covert – ‘Neon Heart Disease’ | Overblown Video Premiere

William Covert

‘Neon Heart Disease’ is the first track to be released from Covert’s upcoming debut solo album, set for release later this year.

Chicago-based drummer William Covert is quite a man about town. For the last decade, he has been a staple of the local music scene featuring in various awesome math rock, post-rock, post-hardcore, and punk bands such as Droughts and Space Blood. Ever the explorer, Covert is now venturing into unknown territory for himself and releasing a solo album.

The idea stemmed from musical experimentations combining acoustic drums with analog synthesizers. This amalgam of the organic and inorganic didn’t really fit in with any of Covert’s myriad of other projects and so he thought, “Fuck it. Time to release a solo album.” He adopted an extremely DIY approach that was semi improvised and embraced imperfection. The result is a creation that seems both human and robotic. Human and inhuman. It’s a cyborg. It’s an android. It’s Data.

Check out ‘Neo Heart Disease’ below. It is certain to feature on Covert’s debut solo album which will be out later this year.

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