Wolf Alice – Moaning Lisa Smile – Play It Again, Sam

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Confidence In Abundance From North London Quartet

Many, many, many bands have attempted to ape the loudQUIETloud format immortalised by The Pixies and Nirvana amongst others. To say there has been mixed results is a bit of an understatement. On the one hand, there’s Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd and Bush flying the flag for fairly mediocre post-grunge whining and mewling. On the other there is um… Foo Fighters circa 1997? At any rate, it’s an audacious band that attempts to adopt this most plagarised of styles and successfully make it their own. That’s exactly what North London quartet Wolf Alice do.

Over the course of a succession of three singles and two EPs since their formation in 2010, the boys (and girl) of Wolf Alice have honed and developed their sound. Where once the band were prone to the odd misstep and lacked confidence, their newest material is fully realised and possessing a self belief that is admirable. “Moaning Lisa Smile”, is the lead track from their latest EP, Creature Songs, which has been lauded since it’s release in May of this year. It’s an infectious, upbeat rocker that hits hard but doesn’t skimp on melody. The band’s not so secret weapon is singer Ellie Roswell, who possesses a voice that can be tender and subtle one second, and triumphant and celebratory the next. The guitars are much bigger and more solid this time out, while the songs are stronger both instrumentally and melodically.

Wolf Alice have done the right thing by waiting to record their debut album. Now, it will arrive fully formed instead of rushed and half baked. Can’t wait.

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