New Music: Worst Gift – ‘What’s Another 40 Bucks Between Friends?’

worst gift

Debut album World’s Worst was released on September 22, 2017 via Art of the Uncarved Block.

Toronto-based Worst Gift actually is the best gift. In my estimation, they combine the rawness of post-punk with a certain unmistakeable stoner vibe. Imagine Torche playing post-punk and you’re heading in the right direction. It’s a sound full of lo-fi energy and emotion, where drums pound and guitars are imbued with fuzzy melody. It’s a beauty.

According to the band, the track is “feeling like you have the capacity to be good and that you are inherently, and not knowing when you started feeling otherwise. Recognizing where you went wrong, and not being able to feel it when you’re doing the right thing finally due to negative self-talk.” I can dig this. I think I’m good. Try to be good. But, dammit, I’ve done some seriously shitty things. Go figure.

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