Yi – ‘Ladyfingers’ | Overblown Video Premiere


EP1 is available now on Hand Drawn Dracula , with EP2 to be released this autumn.

In the early winter of 2015, Yi came together as a bit of a side project between Jordan Allen (Rolemodel) and Jesse Crowe (Beliefs). As an aside, did you know that Yi, in Chinese ethical philosophy, is the faithful performance of one’s specified duties to society? Allen and Crowe’s duty must be to make invigorating music that is somehow full of life but at the same time imbued with a lethargy that is cathartic.

“The initial demo was written and recorded in about 20 minutes one morning, “says Jordan of the song. “There’s something exhilarating about creating and executing an idea at high speed, especially early in the morning when you’re closest to your subconscious mind, following sleep. It’s just frenetic energy and notes being pulled from the air at will, and when you start to change or think too much about that, it usually ends up distorting the idea and taking your further away from its first, best incarnation.”

The video was directed by Adam Seward. It features footage of actors lying down as if comatose in the middle of a forest, perhaps suggesting the distance at which modern society is from our roots. “Meditation and hypnosis are interesting and powerful practices – when your body and mind are relaxed and living only in the present, to another person it appears diseased but very alive, “says Adam”. Our exteriors don’t always show what’s going on internally. I wanted to explore that here- the dancer represents our subconscious, which you can non-judgementally observe from your catatonic state.”

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