Young Jesus Share Epic New Track ‘Dirt’

Young Jesus Dirt
Young Jesus' cover for 'Grow / Decompose'

It’s mostly de rigueur in the world of indie rock these days to be concise, never outstaying your musical welcome. Obviously, someone forgot to copy Young Jesus into that company email if their latest track ‘Dirt’ is anything to go by. Clocking in at just over eight minutes, the track is a cathartic, anthemic, epic track. It’s kind of slow burner that The Smashing Pumpkins used to spin off with ease back in the early to mid 90s, except with the everyday imagery of The Replacements.

The song is slated to be the closing track on the group’s upcoming second album, Grow / Decompose, due for release digitally and on cassette on May 13th via Hellhole Supermarket. Pre-order it via Bandcamp.

Check out ‘G’, another track from the album, below:

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