Yung – Alter EP – Review

Yung Alter EP

Well here’s a blast of Scandanavian fresh air. Yung hail from Aarhus and their Alter EP marks their first international release after some output in their native Denmark.The six tracks that make up this EP are taken from their 2014 album Filters. However, chances are that Yung are as new to you as they are to me.

On this EP Yung specialise in ferocious punk rock but with plenty of melody twisted in. The Replacements seem the most obvious point of reference although there’s a bit more to it than that. Opening track ‘Imaginary Calls’ doesn’t hold back. The guitars sound jagged and frantic, the bass is frenetic and the production is pretty spot on. This sounds like a loose recording of a band playing tight as you like with the purpose of making it all sound somewhat dishevelled. It works. Best of all are the vocals, at times a low growl sounding as rough as a bitter hangover, melodic at other points and often just yelling through a hoarse throat that would fit with many metal bands.

There’s a hint at a different direction on the brilliant pace shifting ‘Nobody Cares’ where the guitars occasionally jangle rather than roar, only occasional though. ‘The Regulators’ slows things down slightly, very slightly, and works around a different structure to great effect. Closing track ‘A Stain’ does provide a break from the furious pace and for a minute or so actually threatens to be gentle until the distortion pedal is stomped on.

All the ingredients form a frenzied boiling pot of glorious garage punk. The Danes have done well to keep Yung a secret for the last couple of years. Their label, Tough Love Records, have made a great job of selecting a few songs to introduce them to the rest of the world. Yung are supporting at a sold out Metz show in London soon which seems to be the perfect slot for them. If clattering rock along the lines of Ty Segall or Parquet Courts at their noisiest best appeals to you then you’re definitely going to want to hear this.

The Alter EP by Yung is released on 2nd March through Tough Love Records (Note – there’s a delicious transparent 12″ red vinyl complete with a lovely photographic zine – limited to 100 copies – good luck trying to get that)

Yung play The Old Blue Last in London on 2nd March TICKETS

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