Biig Piig heralds a new era with empowering single ‘Watch Me’

Biig Piig shares new single Watch Me

Cork-born singer Biig Piig has released her latest single, ‘Watch Me’; a track that sees the artist lean even further into her dance influences.

Jessica Smyth’s solo project has been going from strength to strength in the past couple of years, and her debut mixtape Bubblegum that released at the start of the year presented itself as not just a mark of artistic growth, but as a statement of intent going forwards.

Tackling themes of empowerment and expressing self-confidence, ‘Watch Me’ is bursting at the seams with personality in the way Smyth commands the person the song is directed at to “watch her move” and dance with her.

The way in which the track is delivered gives a sense that Biig Piig isn’t content with things bubbling along slowly and wants both the listener and the target in the song to take notice of her power immediately, and it’s frankly hard to ignore.

Already receiving the high accolade of Radio 1’s Hottest Record, the track is also accompanied by a visually striking video directed by Smyth herself along with collaborator NWSPK, which continues with the theme of feminine strength and expression with Smyth dancing fluidly surrounded by bodybuilders.

While it’s not a huge departure from her previous material, it’s certainly a bold leap forward into the next chapter of Biig Piig, and looks to be a truly captivating one at that.

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