C Turtle come further out of their shell on ‘Have You Ever Heard A Turtle Sing?’

C Turtle release Have You Ever Heard A Turtle Sing?

Lo-fi indie rockers C Turtle have released their latest single, ‘Have You Ever Heard A Turtle Sing?’, their first for London DIY label Blitzcat Records.

Having impressed earlier this year with their EP, Christmas Turtle, their latest single comes as something of a statement piece for the future of the band, combining fuzz-laden riffs and sardonic lyricism.

While the song could be considered somewhat absurdist, co-vocalists Cole Flynn Quirke and Mimi McVeigh intertwine melodies in an arresting fashion and deliver a new spin on the slacker style that worked so well for the likes of Built to Spill and Sebadoh in the 90s.

Despite its scrappy exterior and carefree attitude that emulates C Turtle’s highly-praised live shows, the band recorded and mixed the track at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, using 24-track reel-to-reel tape and taking sonic inspiration from the Dunedin sound strongly associated with Flying Nun Records.

Now operating as a four-piece having initially formed as a duo, the London group appear set to continue this rich vein of form and productive hot streak with further shows and new material in the new year as they look to break beyond the underground and move further into the spotlight.

Photo credit: Joel Kerr

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