Vegyn and Lauren Auder team up for the euphoric ‘Halo Flip’

Vegyn: live review from London

Enigmatic producer Vegyn has dropped a new track, a dreamy seven-minute epic with Lauren Auder titled ‘Halo Flip’.

Brimming with spacey synths and a sporadic junglish drum pattern that arrives from time to time, Auder’s lyrics add a sense of sentimentality to what could be described as one of Vegyn’s most euphoric tracks to date.

According to Vegyn, the track began life as a studio experiment with fellow electronic producer Loraine James, where the two developed a chord progression that he describes as being “larger than life”.

With strings and arpeggiated plinks dotting throughout the track that summon a certain effusiveness, there are also some of Vegyn’s more peculiar hallmarks such as the ‘make some noise’ samples that seem as though they were ripped straight from a Soundcloud DJ mix.

It’s this sense of playfulness that the PLZ Make It Ruins founder has become noted for in his work over the years, along with his unwavering creativity that has allowed him to procure a weighty discography of his own as well as in collaboration with other artists.

The release of ‘Halo Flip’ comes off the back of his other recent single, ‘Makeshift Tourniquet’, and The Head Hurts But the Heart Knows The Truth; an album released as a member of his new project, Headache.

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