Gold Panda’s ‘Swimmer’ gets remix treatment from Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Gold Panda shares Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith remix of Swimmer

London electronic producer Gold Panda has dropped a Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith remix of the track ‘Swimmer’, taken from his 2022 album The Work.

The track comes in advance of Gold Panda’s North American tour which he will be embarking upon in November in support of last year’s record, and follows remixes of other tracks from the album that came earlier this year courtesy of Skee Mask and Daniel Avery.

Where the original track serves as a brief introductory track on the LP, setting the tone for the gentle folktronica inspired sound that dominates the release, Smith injects a little more energy into the track and allows the organic samples to create a sound that Gold Panda says conjures images of “a jet of sounds bubbling up from a hydro-thermal vent, a soundtrack to a film of a deep sea glass sponge, sea-horses giving birth”.

Smith’s synths rise to the surface like the aforementioned bubbles, with the beat that runs in the background serving as their small percussive pops or loud bursts of bass. This adds another layer of personality to the original inspiration behind the track, which Gold Panda states stems from the regular early morning swims he was taking when writing the album.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s last outing was her 2022 album Let’s Turn It Into Sound, which also received a remix EP of its own in February of this year that featured reworks from the likes of Brijean and Johan Lenox.

‘Swimmer (Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith remix)’ is out now via City Slang.

Photo credit: Laura Lewis

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