Lynks drops ‘New Boyfriend’

Heavenly Recordings artist Lynks shares New Boyfriend

Say it with me: “friends don’t give eachother head”.

London artist Lynks has shared a bride-tastic video for their latest track ‘New Boyfriend’ following the recent announcement that they’ve signed with indie stalwarts Heavenly Recordings.

Flanked by their backing dancers – a staple of the Lynks brand – ‘New Boyfriend’ showcases the artist’s growing capabilities as a songwriter and composer; delivering brash, minimalist backing beats with a wink towards euphoric house.

“Look, ultimately I think I’m a fairly smart, reasonable, logical young person… I know that a healthy breakup is a clean breakup. No footnotes, no P.S., no post-credits sequence shags,” Lynks says of the release. “And yet the second I’m in the throes of a breakup, all that logic and intelligence evaporates. And I become what I clearly always was; a dog, cosplaying as a well adjusted human man. Unable to resist the stick when someone says “FETCH”. I’m not proud of it. But I also don’t think I’m alone. That’s what this song is about; lovely, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, well-adjusted couples turning into chaotic horny monsters the second they break up.”

‘New Boyfriend’ follows recent single ‘Use it or Lose it‘ over a summer that has seen the artist gracing festival stages all over Europe, backing dancers in tow.

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