Sean Nicholas Savage gets emotional on ‘Say No’

Sean Nicholas Savage releases Say No

Prolific Canadian songwriter Sean Nicholas Savage has released his latest single, ‘Say No’, released alongside the start of his nine-day European tour.

While known for producing a vast catalogue of lovelorn ballads that blend minimalist arrangements and soft vocals, there has always been a great level of attention paid towards sophistication in the way Savage carves melodies, and on his third single of the year he continues to shine in these areas. 

‘Say No’ is reminiscent of 90s boyband hits, but with a modern sheen to the overall sound, presenting itself in a more polished way than would normally be expected from Savage.

This isn’t to suggest that Savage is in the midst of an artistic reinvention, but does showcase the range of his talent as a songsmith, effortlessly swaying between styles and genres to create something that is truly his own on every occasion.

Lyrically Savage continues to be direct and raw, wearing his heart on his sleeve as he clutches onto a relationship that has seemingly fallen apart.

The track follows ‘Shadow’ and ‘It’s Happening’ from earlier this year, and will no doubt be followed by further new projects in the year considering his plentiful output over the last decade.

image: still from video

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