Marla Kether shares debut EP alongside title track ‘All That We Have’

Marla Kether shares debut EP All That We Have

Bassist and producer Marla Kether has shared her latest track, ‘All That We Have’, taken from her debut EP of the same name which is also released today.

As with all of the other tracks on the record, the track features guest vocals, provided in this instance by jazzre:freshed artist Sofia Grant, whose voice glides over the top of the Brazilian-inspired rhythms that underpin the track.

Initially conceived as a loop for bass and flute, the composition shows Kether’s mastery when it comes to gradually allowing elements to build throughout a song, but never allows any elements to outweigh or become too dominant in the mix.

Having become in demand as a session artist and live bassist for the likes of Yazmin Lacey, Obongjayar and Loyle Carner among many others, her experiences working alongside a veritable selection of rising stars has hugely influenced her own creative process, as she crafts songs on the EP that fluctuate between jazz, electronica, Afrobeat and soukous in a seamless fashion.

The full All That We Have EP also features an array of contributions from other artists of diverse genres, such as K.O.G. and Plumm, and is releasing on Saffron Records, a Bristol-based label focused on the empowerment of women, non-binary and transgender acts.

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